The Most Bizarre Sentences Handed Out By Judges

It is popularly said that if you want justice, wait for the next world because here, it is the law that works. This means that judges are left to use their interpretation of the law to determine sentences, and some have gotten their crazy side of the brain working on overdrive.

The most famous of the crazy judges, Michael Cicconetti, has publicly said that since we can’t stone criminals anymore, justice is all about ensuring that they learn from their mistakes. While this could appear as a subtle comment, this judge clearly indicates that bizarre sentences are necessary because they are the only way criminals can learn from their mistakes.

Here are some of the most bizarre sentences handed out by judges who also believe in the Michael Cicconetti school of thought.

Mandatory Vasectomy

While family planning is a personal and optional decision, a judge decided to force a suspect to get a vasectomy, even when his case did not entail sexual assault. Jessie Lee Herald was charged with hit and run, child endangerment and driving on a suspended license. Instead of serving six years and eight months, his judge offered to reduce the sentence by 5 years only if Herald agreed to get a vasectomy.

Six Month Curfew For A Man Too Tall For Jail

Jude Medcalf fired a BB gun in a woman’s window and stole Christmas presents and Tea money from an NHS office. These crimes landed him in trouble, after which he was sent to jail. Unfortunately or rather fortunately for Medcalf, he was too big for jail. Standing at 7ft and 2 inches tall, Medcalf could not fit in jail clothes or bed, a problem that earned him his way out in just 75 days.

The judge instead sent him on a 6-month curfew and 12-month community order.

Feminine Dressing For Males

23-year-old Jason Householder and 21-year-old John Stockum were accused of throwing beer bottles at a woman in a car. As punishment, Judge David Hostetler gave the boys two options, 60 days in jail or one hour of walking down through downtown Coshocton in dresses, wigs and makeup. The boys chose to dress like women.

As much as these weird punishment was to teach the boys to respect women, critics says that these boys could have alternatively used this moment to have fun, based on their character.

Forced Singlehood For 3 Years

24-year-old Steven Cranley was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. After a medical examination, doctors declared him unable to deal with rejection, consequently causing Judge Rhys Morgan to order him to refrain from any intimate romantic relationship for 3 years.

Cranley seemed to be doing well until halfway through his sentence when he assaulted a female acquaintance. This time the judge decided to put him behind bars for 2 years.

As much as some of these sentences seem bizarre, you can tell that some of these judges had genuine intentions at heart. Sometimes, you can only understand the severity of an offense when you are subjected to almost similar conditions that you put your victims in.