Matchmaking Could Be Lucrative?

After just doing research on Sugar Babies where young women advertise themselves on a website to attract older men with money, it is quite interesting to research and explore matchmakers whose ultimate goal is to find their client a mate to marry and live happily ever after. Encounters are big business. Everyone is a certified Life Coach, Dating Expert, Matchmaker, etc these days or know of someone who believes they are an expert in human relations and should charge for it.


I understand marriage counselors charging an arm and leg for their service because they have material to actually work with in order to help the couple in need to adjust and reconnect to continue strengthening their union. However, a matchmaker does not have much to go on with two strangers who are presenting their best representative upfront as opposed to who they really are. I, myself, was a matchmaker in Los Angeles for a brief time. One couple got married and miraculously they are still together. I think I just got lucky on that one. I did not charge because they were both friends of mine looking for someone special. I introduced them, they moved in together within a few months of dating, got married, and now have two kids. What technique did I use to put the two together? They were both Capricorn, serious types, educated, business-minded, love the same music, love to travel, she was an entertainment attorney, and he was in publicity. What they did not have in common was he loved to go out and party while she was bored with the Hollywood scene. He was flashy and she preferred to never draw any attention to herself. I thought they would be perfect for each other to balance each other out. They became best friends immediately.


Now when I attempted to actually take on a paying client, it was very difficult. He was an extremely good-looking Beverly Hills chiropractor. I met with him at his office and interviewed him. He wrote me a check to find him a wife. The pressure was on. As I was searching for his Mrs. Right, he decides to give me a call one night to tell me he wants actress Megan Fox. Not a woman who just looks like Megan Fox, he actually wanted to pay me a bonus to get the real Megan Fox. I asked why. He said she is The One. Oh God. Fortunately, Megan Fox got married that following weekend to actor Brian Austin Green. My doctor was so disappointed. I knew I was not going to be able to find another Megan Fox to satisfy him. I gave up. I just stuck to being a liaison in business where I match business associates with one another to make money together. That is safer and easier. However, I have not figured out a way to charge for this service.


Patti Stanger of the Millionaire Matchmaker charges quite a bit for her service. Her clients have to show proof that they are, indeed, millionaires and they have to pay her upfront. Stanger came from a long line of matchmakers, so she is a guru at it matching couples together full-time. However, Stanger has been receiving much criticism for having two failed engagements in her own personal life. The Bravo TV network canceled her show. I am a strong believer that there are amazing doctors out there who have saved many lives, but it is impossible to operate on yourself or properly diagnosed yourself. Stanger is a great matchmaker, charging a lot of money for her service and she deserves it.


She uses astrology in her process to bring people together and her gift for simply understanding how humans operate. I respect her craft. When I have a few million in the bank, I might hire her for myself. Others have developed apps now and websites for matchmaking such as PIQ, eHarmony,, Tinder, and the list continues. Some of these are free sites and others charge a monthly fee. I have friends who are addicted to online dating. And all of the designers of those apps and sites are making a very pretty penny. Love is big business and it will never go out of style.