London, UK - November 29 2015: Two girls carrying a big billboard with the words "Climate revolution" on it. Shot during the Climate March in London.

Climate Change Protest in Albany

Hundreds of activists across the state of New York are marching to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of Address of Wednesday to combat worldwide climate change. They will demand that the state move away from its use of non-renewable energy like fossil fuels.

It can be noted that the governor has done a good job so far and has a decent environmental record, but as usual there is always cause for more to be done. Activists have stated that they want the state to push forward with 100 percent clean and renewable energy. While Cuomo has made it his own goal to make renewable energy a priority he has also subsidized coal power plants at the same time and been on board with building new infrastructure for fossil fuel fixtures.

Action Being Taken

Mark Dunlea, who is the head of this movement has said that “We think he should say this type of construction does not meet the water quality standards that we have in New York State, and that we’re going to say ‘no more’ to these pipelines.”

This is in regards to the proposed pipelines being built. He feels that this will help them in regards to a short term monetary gain, but in the long run there is more potential in solar energy and renewables.  Though there may be some money to be made with adding existing infrastructure he argues more money will be made from renewable energies.

Full commitment is going to create more jobs and help speed up the process. New York Attorney general Eric Schneiderman pledged his support and has been met with support from the protestors.

Taking the Lead from Paris

A few months prior there was a push for this in Paris. The Paris agreement was met and needs to be upheld and that is what they are pushing for in New York. The eventual goal is to let the maximum temperature rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius.  Even if every country was to go along with this there’s the fact that the entire planet could still warm by 3.5 Celsius degrees, which is far over any rate that the world has experienced per pre-industrial levels.

There is around 45 organizations that helped organize the last protest and will be involved with the newest protest. It is targeting the Albany legislature with multiple demands that range from creating new jobs for clean energy and cutting back support for fossil fuel based initiatives.

Some of their specific demands call for going for 100 percent clean by 2050. Meanwhile there will smaller goals in between for the upcoming years to stay on track.

Governor Cuomo has recently announced that they would like to be at 50 percent by 2030 and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent. The protest would help push these announcements to not only be lip service, but to put them into law instead. If this were bound by law then there would be an even greater leg to stand on for the protestors.